GOALS of the Orchestra dance magazine :

- stimulating the diversity of cultural expression in the field of dance;

- to publish within a unique editorial concept critical observations of two or more dance critics who differ in relation to their assessment of the value of a single dance project, and to provide the readers-consumers with a wide spectrum of possible opinions which encourage them to have their own judgments;

- ensuring the prerequisites of the realization and protection of the cultural integrity of national minorities in Serbia whose projects are being realized in the field of all forms of dance;

- providing concrete and robust support to inclusive dance projects which also incorporate persons with disabilities;

- to contribute to the development of dance in Serbia without giving priority to any of its particular segments with its activities in real terms;

- to facilitate that Orchestra is available apart from Belgrade and Novi Sad also to the readers in other larger cities in Serbia;

- to publish texts on the application of new technologies in the world of dance (video dance, software programs which serve to create and map a certain expert language);

- professional and continuous cooperation with international dance community within all its levels and forms;

- professional and continuous cooperation with international related magazines;

- realization of projects in the fields of all forms of dance which stem from the magazine with the goal of them being above all useful to all the members of the dance community in Serbia;

- to strengthen the networking of the magazine through the existence of the website and electronic editions of all of the issues published in the past and those in the future, while the content will be made available to the readers free of charge...

Translated by Marijana Komljenovic