ORCHESTRA, dance magazine, Belgrade, Serbia

the first and only professional magazine in Serbia entirely dedicated to all forms of dance as an art.

Founder: Mrs. Ivana Milovanović

Founded in April 1994.

First issue published on 29th of April 1995 on the occasion of the celebration of
the International Dance Day - CID-UNESCO.

Since 2003, the editor-in-chief is Mrs. Ivana Milovanović.

Previous editors-in-chief:
- Mrs. Milena Katić Šerban ( 1995-1996)
- Mrs. Milica Zajcev (1996-1998)
- Mrs. Marija Janković (1998-2003).

The magazine is published from donations, founders' investment and with a humble contribution on the part of the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia and the Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade. Irregular and insufficient inflow of funds for this magazine which falls under cultural periodicals resulted in the fact that it was being irregularly published from 2000 onward. Therefore, instead of the initial four editions per year, the widely known reality had to be accepted, and one or two editions were published annually which was a difficult task and even a challenge to its founder and associated. Additionally, it should be emphasized that all authors and correspondents cooperate, that is write for the magazine without authors' honoraria. Despite this fact, all of them, from issue to issue throughout the years, improve the quality of the content of every new edition.

Up to the end of 2013, 58 issues of the magazine were published (often as a double or even triple and quadruple issues...) in circulation of over 40.000 copies.

The triple issue 56/58 (December 2012) was published in print in circulation of 1.300 copies.

The quadruple issue 59/62 (April 2014) covers all relevant happenings in the field of artistic dance throughout the entire year of 2013.

The issue 59/62 of the magazine Orchestra is the first one to be published on the internet in electronic format (Pdf) as the founders and the associates had wished for it to become available to the wider possible audience of readers in Serbia, the region, Europe and worldwide.

ORCHESTRA is free copy.

It is being given to all who wish to read it (the dance audience), while specific consideration is given to the fact that each new issue is made available as soon as possible in specialized bookstores, libraries, in the hands of students and teachers in ballet schools, ballet ensembles, as well as to get through to the professional theatrologists, critics, ballet publicists in Serbia and abroad. Every issue of the magazine published also a wider summary of the published content in English until recently.

Numerous feuilletons (Orchestra plus and Orchestra plus – threat of time) cover a great variety of historical, theoretical, social and critical topics related to artistic dance.

High quality printing, print of high quality paper, expert choice of black and white photographs as well as photographs in color, fully respect and make use of all the experiences of the most renowned sister magazines in the world. Orchestra is distinctive and highly appreciated thanks to its visual appearance and content.

Fulfilling its educational purpose, Orchestra systematically and permanently preserves the happenings on the domestic dance scene against oblivion, critically notes foreign dance performances in our country and reports on the most important events and personalities active on the international dance scene.

So as to fulfill its mission, the magazine has a very developed network of correspondents and associates, and cooperates with expert magazines, foreign dance troupes, state and private schools and institutions in Serbia and abroad, that deal with improving dance in the widest sense. It fosters permanent contacts with dance festivals and international competitions, as well as top notch historians, theorists and dance critics, who have published numerous publications up to this point.
This stands in relation to dance experts in the region as well.

The magazine continuously cooperates with vocational associations in Serbia – Association of ballet artists of Serbia, Association of ballet dancers of Vojvodina, the Association of professional ballet teachers, choreographers and dancers of Serbia and with Station – service for contemporary dance.

It should be emphasized that a very significant expert imprint on the pages of our magazine was left by our famous artists and those propagating a more successful development of the classical, neoclassical, modern and contemporary dance, pedagogy and theory – Mrs. Branka Rakić, Mrs. Milica Jovanović and Mrs. Jelena Šantić, whose contributions are specifically valued. Their ideas on improving dance as art are still distinguished guiding stars in the expert work on the pages of Orchestra.

Orchestra proudly notes the longstanding cooperation with the respectable Serbian dance critics and publicists, Mrs. Milica Zajcev and Mrs. Mirjana Zdravković.

Translated by Marijana Komljenovic.