Dance Day

29 April 2014

International Dance Council CID - UNESCO
the official message


I believe in one dance
father, all-resonant
revealer of heaven and earth
and of all things visible and invisible:
Light of body,
very dance of very souls,
begotten, not made,
by whom all things are transfigured.

Who for us men and for our salvation
came down from heaven
before all worlds
and was incarnate in the bodies of mortals
and humanized them.

And was crucified during the consumer society,
suffered and was buried
and rises again in isolated places
where no scriptures exist.

And comes again with glory
to enliven both the quick and the dead:
whose kingdom shall have no end.

I believe in a holy dance,
lord, giver of life,
who proceedeth from independent communities
who speaks by the flesh of humans,
instead of the prophets.

I acknowledge that it constitutes a baptism
for the remission of afflictions and sins,
the resurrection of dead limbs,
and the life of the world to come.

Alkis Raftis
CID – UNESCO, president

Orchestra magazine
Barbier, Georges: Tamara Karsavina Print, lithograph, color; Date: 1914; Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis